Couponing: Target Edition

23 May

I’ve been giving coupons a try for the last four or so months. I’d heard a bunch about people saving buckets of money on lots of different stuff and decided to check into it. I started with which has some instructional videos on how to get serious about it but I found out quickly that I don’t have enough patience to really go for it.

However, I did pick up a few tips and trick that have helped save me some cash money. I won’t go into those today (maybe another time) but I will say that I’ve saved the most money from the discovery of Target coupons . Maybe I’m the last person on earth to discover these but I can’t get over how they’re good on sale and clearance items for ULTIMATE savings.

Smartphone users can download the Target app which will text a different set of coupons each month right to your phone which they scan right from your phone at checkout, no printing necessary. So far the text coupons I have gotten have been themed for things like cinco de mayo and graduation and I haven’t used any but I have actually saved a significant amount with the ones I print from online.

With the amount of time and money I spend at Target it’s great to save some extra once in awhile. If you have any interest in coupons and shop at Target with any regularity you should at least check out the offers. Save some cash for whatever you wanted to save cash for bitch.


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