Beauty: Mascara Edition

2 Jun

I’m trying a new mascara. I have been religiously using Bourjois Coup de Theatre mascara for years.

Once upon a time I used any drug store brand that was on sale, then one day Ulta had a sale on Coup de Theatre mascara, I tried it out and was hooked. Recently Bourjois has for whatever reason decided to pull the brand out of the US and while you can still get it a few places online when I need mascara, I need mascara.

So, I’m trying out Buxom Lash by Bare Minerals. I decided to try Buxom because it was a top rated mascaras on Sephora’s website that came in at a mere $18, while other top rated brands ran $22 and up.

So far, I have mixed feelings about it. The Bourjois mascara included a lengthening mascara as well as the mascara, two products for the price of one but Buxom doesn’t include the lengthener and I’m to cheap to buy an additional product. The result has been shorter less full lashes which keeps the eye from popping like it does with a false lash look the lengthening mascara creates. If I bought a lengthening mascara I think the results I’m getting would be dramatically different but I really want one product to do everything I want it to do! Reading reviews on I’m in the minority of people who don’t agree this mascara volumizes.

The one thing Buxom has going for it is it’s brush is really full and keeps clumps at bay. Additionally the formula is light so it doesn’t feel like your lashes are being weighed down or drying out. Overall Buxom is doing it’s job but I think I’m going to have to keep looking for my new go to mascara.

You can get Buxom Lash exclusively at Sephora if you wanted to decide for yourself about it.


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