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Dungeon Nails: French Edition

22 Jun

Coming soon to dungeon nails:

Come to the dungeon and let me try this out on you.





Beauty: Products Edition 2

9 Jun

I’m trying some new products. It’s Ulta coupon time and I took advantage of the $3.50 off combined with several sale offers to pick up a few things.

This months products also fall into my search for budget friendly beauty supplies.The following items are all under $11.

The quick rundown:
1. Dove Ultimate Go Sleeveless in Pearl Finish: This deodorant claims softer, smoother underarm skin in just five days and then you can go SLEEVELESS! While I don’t understand the appeal of showing off my armpits I liked the smell and $3.64 price.

2. NYX Lipgloss w/mega shine in Natural: As close to natural “natural” lip color as I’ve ever tried. It should be noted, Ulta is running a buy one get one 1/2 off sale on NYX products this month and this brand and particular gloss are at the top of most internet lists budget friendly quality products.

3. Ulta Professional Lash Primer: I stumbled upon this in the clearance section and for $3.99 I figured I could afford to give it a go. I’ve used it once but so far I’m not to impressed, it’s clumpy.

4. Texas Collection by O.P.I in Don’t mess with O.P. I.: Come get dungeon nailed and judge the color for yourself. p.s. I love the color.

5. NYX 10 Color Eye Shadow Palette in Champagne & Caviar: Raving internet ravers gave this high marks and 10 colors for $10.99 is worth a try. My poor abilities in applying eyeshadow makes me hesitant to give any opinion but the few colors I managed to smudge on seemed fairly color rich.

Now go get your products on or something.

Dungeon Nails: Beginings and Tips Edition

6 May

I’m trying to perfect my home manicure. I am a life time nail bitter but last year after one perfect salon manicure I became a little obsessed with keeping my nails neat and polished. I have a friend on par with the professionals when it comes to a manicure and she’s always willing to do them for me but since she lives an hour away and I’m to cheap to pay the $12 to have them done weekly, I began the journey to perfect my home manicure. I’ve never had the steadiest hands but since I started doing my nails I’m happy to say I’ve gone from a bloodied finger effect after a coat of red to basically getting polish only on my nails.

So, a couple months ago I started doing nails for a couple friends in my kitchen which happens to be in the basement and so is referred to as the dungeon, hence Dungeon Nails was born. It’s a fun late night hang out thing that is mostly funny, and almost always cocktail prompted, but it’s given me a chance to further my quest for the perfect home manicure.

I recently read this article in Allure Magazine and it’s actually helped me step up my polishing game. The online article isn’t as comprehensive as the print version but still has some basic tips for getting you’re DIY manicure to last a few days longer then normal. One tip, not listed online, I recommend is painting the top edge of the nail. It seals the nail by not leaving a gap between nail and polish. If there’s that gap liquids can get in and polish chips more easily.

I’m pretty brand loyal brand to Essie for color and products but OPI is just as good. Strange Beautiful is pretty decent, although their colors have a tendency to become tacky in texture sooner rather than later which renders the polish pretty useless.

Products I’ve been working with and mostly like include:

You don’t actually need all of these things for a nice manicure, you can file, base coat, two coats of polish, top coat and still have a great looking set of digits. If you’re interested the above products are all sold at Ulta or can be found in my dungeon. Come get you’re nails did!