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Fashion: Things You Should Wear. Edition One

17 Jun

So I got a little hater the other week on some current fashion trends and had every intention of following up with things I’d like to see people wearing instead. So I looked around the internets and found some pieces that maybe I wouldn’t personally wear but feel would be a step up from some of the designs/ certain patterns I keep seeing over and over.

I like this coral, teal, white palate for summer, it is a little 80’s beach house but most of these designs have a classic look that I could look at for several seasons and not feel judgey.
While I’m on the topic of fashion, I’m trying some new looks. I’ll get around to documenting it eventually but I wouldn’t want anyone to think I am a total current trend trasher, after all I am trying things out and those things include fashion. Go forth and dress yourselves.


Summer Fashion: American Apparel Bandeau Dress Edition

3 May

I’m trying out American Apparel Bandeau Dress in brown. I came to this dress through several coupons and a failed attempt at buying a new handbag and for $9.00 I thought I could give this pretentious brand a try. Normally I wouldn’t even try on the overpriced t-shirt brand especially a knit dress because historically knit is not my fabric, but I saw this halter looking dress on the rack at Loehmanns for $14.99 and I figured I could at least try it on. And I’m excited I did cause it fit great and I later learned it can be worn 15(!!) different ways, including as a shirt (!!!!).

So I bought the dress and have been wearing my way through the different styles. Originally the plan was to do 15 days straight but some days came up that I could wear pants so I did that instead. I’ve worn the dress 5 ways now and have loved every way. Here are some of the styles I’ve tried:

I like it so much I went back and got it in creme. They are still selling it on their website in a variety of colors but if you can get it at somewhere like Marshalls or Ross it will feel like a much better deal. If you want to see all the ways you could wear it you can watch the video.

Summer fashion commence.

UPDATE: I got around to trying this style yesterday:

Worst yet! Notice how it looks like her boobs are gonna pop out at any second? Try keeping you’re girls in there for an entire day! If you’re any larger than a negative A it’s an epic battle of boobs verse fabric. And constant questioning: will the nip slip? or won’t it? Thumbs down on this take.