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Vacation: Greece Edition

18 May

I tried out Greece last week. On a Monday morning Mar and I decided to go to Athens and by Monday afternoon we were on a plane headed there. It was pretty a great trip and would recommend you getting there if ever possible. Some things to consider:
– Flying with a flight attendant and in flight movies
– Everyone speaks English
– Food is amazing

Bananas, Nutella, Chocolate Sauce, Carmel Sauce, Whipped Cream

– Nescafe Frappe
– Funny souvenirs
– So many Acropolis views from pretty much anywhere in the city
– Cheap hostel with a balcony and best views

View from my bed + Mar.

View from the roof of the hostel

– A tram that goes up and down the coast for only 4 euro.
– Mythos
– American Apparel Bandeau Dress and my insistence on bringing cowboy boots in a tiny carry on
– So much relaxing

– The exchange rate
– A million stray animals

100 of these guys around

– Jetlag
– Almost Brokedown Palaced
– So many pushy restaurateurs
– Being obviously American
– Parents reading about riots in Athens. We could hear them but didn’t see any.

Over all I would give Greece an arbitrary high score on the being a nice place to go scale. A million good memories were made. This trip was made possible by Marilyn and a traveler like me. Thanks Mar, you’re a true American Girl in Greece.