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Beauty: Luxurious Hair Edition

19 Jul

I’m trying to grow out my hair… again. Every couple of years I try this and then once it hits a certain length, I chop it all off.

For example- 2007 the year of the longest since middle school:

So Luxurious

Wig Hair











So last summer I decided I should start back down the luxury path so I’ve been doing the big grow out. It’s sooo hard.

July, 2011

Last summer










I actually haven’t gotten that far in the growing process but  am hoping to have luxurious hair by the fall and maybe a no bang move? So many people either have really defined bangs or none at all and I have had this side guy since college so maybe it’s time for a no bang, but I think I’m getting a little ahead of myself, for now I need to focus on keeping growing and not cutting.

Hair keeps cycling. Luxury commence.