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I’ve Tried/Re-Tried So Many Things Lately

22 Aug

I haven’t stopped trying things but I have been trying more to get a job and less thinking about things to try.  Here is an update on recent things I’ve tried:

Amber invited me to try out Pho in participation of a ladies evening of sorts.

It looked a lot like this. (I should have thought to take my own picture of it)

Not surprisingly I was fairly overwhelmed by the amount of choices on the menu and with a little guidance somehow landed on a dish involving pork and vermicelli. I guess it has lettuce and mint in addition to the noddles and meat and is served with a fried vegetable roll which I deemed the french fries of pho. Overall It’s a thing I’d try again.

Night movies:
These have been hosted in various parks around the city. Things I’ve seen:

I enjoy the whole free/ boozing/ neighborly vibe of these events even if I don’t love the movies or have already seen them. At The Happening they gave out free coupons for Ritas which resulted in me trying another thing: Chocolate Peanut Butter water ice, which if it hadn’t been free I would never have done so. It’s good, way better then it sounds.

Bathing suits/ Swimming
I finally bought myself a couple bathing suits after putting it off for a long time and have been able to try out the city pools and do a little night swimming at the shore. The pool was funny because Amanda and I were hit on consistently by a 15 year old neighborhood boy with prison tats who wasn’t deterred even after we told him that we’re 30 (we are not 30). I like the idea of a free pool and don’t really know why it took me so long to get there.

I haven’t night swam in years but a few weeks ago I convinced Kamper to take me down the shore to walk around the boardwalk for the evening AND to night swim. The ocean can be scary during the day, it is terrifying at night which might be part of the reason I like it. We would have had better luck at it if the moon had been out but it was hiding behind some clouds the entire time and so instead of wave jumping we just sat down. I got a butt full of sand but still loved every minute of it.

And of Course Mixology:
I tried out a new drink which I would be remiss for not sharing. While most drinks are normally titled after the date of their invention this one is lovingly referred to as Childhood Booze. Being put on the spot by Sue to give it a name this is what immediately came to mind, as the mixer is the juice I drank by the gallon as a child.

2oz Vodka
1oz Triple Sec
Top with Minute Made Berry Juice and Soda Water.

Kid Juice

Then reminisce about Animaniacs while you get your drink on.

Coming soon: Health Edition, Rediscovering Old Products, Thrift Shopping, Rap Music, and other things.